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Earth: Near FutureA federation of corporate entities govern Earth from opulent orbiting platforms, while the surface below has become an industrial ghetto of intertwined factory-cities. The mega-wealthy overseers pull the strings as the worker-class live in a state of endless toil in the neon soaked perpetual night of the planet-factory's underbelly.

The only escape for the surface workers life of enslavement is driving. Illegal, underground street racing in nightly tournaments. A winner-takes-all route out of the city-slums for those skilled enough to take the prize.

Win or lose, live or die, death or glory. It's all on the line for a one-way-ticket to immortality.

Winners don't use rear-view mirrors
0Race Week

The next step in brand
The next step in community
The next step in IP ownership
The next step in devolution

We drive change
We are the new founders

Head down, prepare for the race...



Community above all else. We're building a distributed brand of the future, a journey together.
All DR/VRS, all equal.

We have a vision of a brand owned by many, join us as we evolve.

Holding a DR/VR NFT will open up access to limited edition merchandise, we've already started outlining our graphic novel series and the ultimate goal is an inclusive, global brand. With a difference.

We use your DR/VR in the graphic novels, you get paid as an actor or member of that production. Full range of merch with your droid on the back? You get royalties. Appear in the film, you gain; appear in anything we do and share in the success.

Have an idea of your own for your character? Go it alone, or put the idea to the treasury and request funding. Have an idea for a whole off-shoot series or collection? Put it to the treasury and see if they'll partner with you.

Our roadmap is plotted out, but the final direction and the pit stops we take along the way will be decided by you, the community of DR/VRS. Our gift for having faith in us and our small attempt at creating a more equal society, who share in successes and lift each other through the hard times.

This really is a brand with no limits, where it goes is up to us. Happy to have you along for the ride...

Phase 1

2888 generated and hand-picked series #1 of DR/VRS

Creation of the founding community of DR/VRS

The start of a distributed brand, owned by us all

Phase 2

Graphic Novel including DR/VRS from the Series #1 characters

Merchandise drop

Figurines and collectables

Formation of DR/VRS treasury to fund community projects

Launch of Series #1 VEH/CLS

Phase 3

Animated series fork

To be decided on by the founding factions of the DR/VRS community as we grow

TV With Andoid New Presenter

Merch Drop


Pit Team

Human male android hybird with face riped apart


Lead Artist

Award-winning illustrator with an international portfolio including clients in film, publishing & the gaming industry. When he's not creating awesome artwork, Kabe is wreaking havoc in the world of table-top RPGs.

Human male with backwards cap



Wedge lives for the network. From selling gaming platforms to Mercedes F1, Guinness and UEFA, to ML software for some of the biggest Telecomms companies like Verizon, Vodafone, and T-mobile. This guy knows how to build profile and enjoys nothing more.

Human male with eye patch



A proponent for decentralisation and the growth of Web3, Panchain is a multi-disciplinary designer who has run an agency for 10+ years and can count Amazon, Spotify, Peugeot, Toyota, Cadburys, Protocol, Pokemon and 505 Games as notable clients. He also sports a moustache at times.

Human female with cow girl hat with bird sitting on it somking something suspicious


Head Of Product

Data scientist by day, Web3 strategist by night. GGG combines his extensive background in analytics, design, marketing and product management to be among the leading builders of the space. Also one of the nicest guys you'll meet.

Android wearing base ball hap and retro sun glasses



Legend in the web2 field who has worked with an endless list of multinationals including Spotify, JustGiving, Amazon and Rakuten. He brings some heavy development clout and ensures our dev team kill it. Every. Single. Day.

Human male with pencle behind his ear


Design Team

Multi-disciplinary designer and artworker. Samm is a core member of the team and has helped mould the brand into what it is today. Deadly with a macbook and stylus, he has worked for some of the fastest-growing agencies on the planet and always impresses with his creative output.

Android with gold head and jaket with doughnut patch on sleeve


3D Lead

As the name suggest, he is our 3D legend. A perfectionist who produces quality day in, day out. He is also partial to the occasional donut IRL.

Human male wearing a pilots hat with smiley badge


Design Team

Senior creative on our team with over 10+ years experience working for some of the biggest brand, including Honda, Virgin, Lays, KFC, Dominique Ansel and Amnesty. He's also one of the healthiest members on the team whose skills in the kitchen are almost as good as his design.

Human male with beenie with more text on patch on the side


Collab Partner

Collab partner, general dude and all-round nice guy (we have a lot of them on the team). He has a wealth of experience in brand and development, once co-founded a global streetwear label and is big in the drift racing scene.

Human female wearing a pirates hat


Lead Animator

A true talent. Her skills are next-level and she's responsible for that warm feeling you get when the next animation drops in our timeline. She is also a skateboarding pirate in her spare time. Arrrrrrrrrr.

Android wearing a demond facemask


Smart Contracts

Accomplished Smart-Contractor, like Neo, we knew he was 'the one' as soon as we met. He is an outstanding Web3 dev and our in-house smart contractor. He's been involved in so many mints, his breath is constantly fresh.

Android with glass skull showing its brain


Head Of Dev Team

Lead dev. His knowledge of web2, React and more is unparalleled. The glue that keeps the team together, a truly talented self-taught dev, who comes from a design background - so his code is the prettiest you've ever seen.

Human male wearing joker facemask


Dev Team

Our OpSec / White Hat / General legend of dev. Not much is known of his true origins, some say he was born in the wild and raised by wolves, some say he's half machine. We just say he rocks and wouldn't be where we are today without him.

Android wearing base ball cap with JS on the side


Dev Team

The main man. 0xOJ leads up our dev team alongside Screech and Grooverider. He has insane dev skills, is a general tinkerer and can lend his hand to anything – Discord bots, ENSs, IPFS, whatever you need, this guy can hook you up.

Human male with detective hat and coat and yellow face paint


Head of Community

From the beginnings of DR/VRS, Ali has shown a passion for the product and brand that few can rival. He is the glue that keeps the discord server together and the hub of communications on the team. Core team member / absolute legend.

Human male with cravat tie


Head Of Social

Our social advisor, Awesome comes from the depths of the Fantom chain and has been part of the community there since almost day 1. A crypto OG, he also has a style and panache that few others can compete with.

Human Female with headband and mask over eyes


General Legend

General comms and management of the team. Steady is an accomplished photographer and writer. She's also a yoga master who helps keep the team chill when discussing the state of the current NFT market.





No, watch this space as we build out a decentralised brand for the future.

The most important part of the project, community at its core.

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